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about a comprehensive controlling-, and accounting system of an hotel-resort with integrated shopping market, garage and filling station.

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Profitability calculation
of BONATOR autoControl

The above shown enterprise has been family estate since several generations and was enlarged step-by-step to the present size. The present operation structure contains a restaurant with a capacity of total tables/seats = 60/270 under roof and 35/200 in the open air. 60 Rooms with 120 beds are offered for rental and in the basement there are additional rooms for entertainment and recreational activities. Additionally to the hospitality the company has also integrated on the adjoining plot a filling station with 6 petrol pumps and a car wash, as well an underground car park with 60 parking lots.

In the last years the profitability of the company decreased continuously so the management threatened already to run at a loss. A management consultant has been asked to work out a rescue package, who recommended as essential measures among other things the reduction in staff as well the installation of a comprehensive controlling system. With BONATOR-autoControl the mentioned problems were solved optimally in every department, as well it was possible to obtain the aimed effects of rationalisation.

After a period of observation of 1 year
 it was possible to value the changes as follow:




In the snack-bar:

Tap equipment:
Invesment Euro 27.600

consisting of:
1 Wall-mounted beverage dispenser BCU 48
1 Column beverage dispenser BCU 24
1 Magnetic donut bottle scanner for spirits
1 Electronic coffe machine with 2-groups
1 Refrigerated Counter with,
6 cold drawers,
2 cold doors.

CashRegister system:

Investment volume: Euro 6.300,

consisting of:

1 Bonator terminal,
1 Daten-Conzentrator,
1 Take-off/charging rack for the Bonator,
3 BonusChip readers,
1 Receipt printer.

Restaurant: (Self-Service departement)

Tap equipment:
Investment volume: Euro 42

consisting of:

1 Beverage Dispenser bridge construction BCU 96
20 Electric wall-mounted spirit dispensers
1 full-automatic espresso coffee machine.

Beverage technology:
Investment volumne: Euro 18.100,-

consisting of:

1 Instant beverage cooler,
1 Circulatory carbonator,
2 Gas fitting (CO2 and mixed gas),
7 Beer / Wine kegs,
9 Syrup containers,
1 Automatic keg changer,
1 Cleaning system,
1 walk-in cold room with shelves.

CashRegister system:

Investment volume: Euro 11.700

consisting of:

3 Bonator terminals,
3 Bonator take-off and charging racks,
1 Data concentrator unit,
4 BonusChip readers,
1 Receipt printer.

Beer garden:

Tap equipment:
Investment volume: Euro 20.300

consisting of:

1 Self-service beer fountain operateable 3 sides.

CashRegister system:
Investment volume: Euro 6.500,-

consisting of:

2 Bonator terminals,
1 Bonator take-off/charging rack,

5 BonusChip reader

CashRegister system:
Investment volume: Euro 2.900,-

consisting of:
1 Bonator terminal,

1 Bonator take-off/charging rack,
1 BonusChip reader.

Guest rooms / lounge:
IR-radio transceivers:
Investment volume: Euro 4.500,-

consisting of:

16 IR-transceivers,
1 IR-transceiver expancion.

Office / Reception:
CashRegister system:
Investment volume: Euro 8.700,-

consisting of:

2 Office computers,
1 Touch-Screen Paneel PC with virtual Bonator,
3 BonusChip readers,
1 Laserprinter.

DoorLock system:
Investment volume: Euro 34.800,-

consisting of:

60 BonusChip readersr,
200 BonusChip coins,
60 electric door latches.

Filling station / Shopping-Market:

CashRegister system:

Investment volume: Euro 7.000,-

consisting of:

1 TouchScreen compact cash register with
1 Receipt printer and virtual Bonator,
1 Barcode scanner,
1 Customer display,
1 BonusChip reader,
1 Electric cash drawer.


CashRegister system:
Investment volume: Euro 800,-

consisting of:
2 BonusChip reader,
2 electric door latches.

Firmware u. Software:

Investment volume: Euro 9.400,-

consisting of:

1 Bonator firmware EGH Plus,
1 Tap computer firmware,
1 virtualBonator software,
1 EGH-Inventory software,
1 EGH-recipe software,
1 EGH-database software,
1 BonusChip Setup software,
1 fiscal accounting software,
1 EGH-hotel reservation software,
1 PC communikations software
1 Wordprocessor software


Dependent on the situation food and drink are offered either by waiter-service, self-service or mixed-service. Mixed-service means that waiter-, and self-service is offered simultaneously and the customer chooses himself the kind of service he prefers. In addition to the traditional method of payment also cashless paying by BonusChip coin is possible, and independent of the operating mode every sale is always under control.

As soon as a waiter enters orders into a Bonator handheld terminal, all the administrative tasks concerning service, preparation, warehouse, and purchasing are finished up automatically in addition to a controlled taking of the orders.

Different facilities like sauna, solarium or exercise room for which the customer is liable to pay, as well the hotel rooms are only accessible by a BonusChip ID. The same BonusChip is also applied as means of identification on the self-service taps.


The consumption and services are assigned to various price levels which depends on periodical, spatial or personnel criterions.

For instance at breakfast time it is for the guests possible to pour out hot drinks and juice free of charge from the self-service taps, however the takings are registered concerning quantity. Nevertheless also during this time the guest has to pay for alcoholic drinks respectively for beverages from all the other taps.

In the same way it is also possible to change on the occasion of an happening the price level of a separated guest room. Also privat consumption and consumption of the employees are registered and controlled by the BonusChip coin.

Flexibility in service:

A voucher printout informs automatically the waiters about ready foods and drinks and provides also all the required information for the service, so it is now very easy to integrate temporary workers into the working process. Moreover the mentioned flexibility is also favoured by the homogeneous user interface of the cash register system both at the mobile, fixed input terminals and also at the virtual Bonator PC touchscreens.

However it is also important to mention that it needed some effort to correct the old habits of the employees. The intervention of a consultant has been proved as effective, as it was for him possible to stir up the team spirit as well to increase discipline among the employees. The fair division of the service charge and tip revenues among the staff favours essentially their motivation.




Too high controlling expenses:
Before the rescue package was introduced, controlling happened in the restaurant by 2 cash registers with PLU-input, and in the filling-station as well shopping market in each case with a simple price-input cash register. For this purpose 3 employees were occupied in the back-office and 3 PCs were installed. Most of the office work was used to program and administrate trivial spread sheet calculation programs.

Ineffective controlling:
In spite of the rather high expenditure it was for the controlling department impossible to prove an efficient work as they acted quite inefficiently. The payroll- and financial-accounting were contracted out, and therefore it was necessary to carry all the records to the tax adviser every month.

The management received the necessary reports with a delay of 6 weeks, - too late to base current decisions on it.

Imperfect controlling:
On the occasion of annual balances as well of tax audits it was possible to detect missing incomes of 8% on average when comparing the registered revenues with the cost of materials, what leaded regularly to tax extra payments.

Consequently the company was multiply punished, because the management had to pay also for the missing earnings the prescribed taxes.

Uncontrolled Taking:
From a neutral point of view it is hereby also mentioned, that it was never possible to clear up the reasons for „missing proceeds". Possible reasons are either the relative complex division of earnings among the family members, theft by employees, or sloppy settlement with the customers.
However according to general experience one can assume that all the mentioned facts together are responsible for the loss of assets, what damaged the liquidity of the company.

by autoControl:

Additional proceeds:
Already in the first months after installation of Bonator autoControl it was possible to register a 12% higher sale compared with earlier periods although the number of customers remained stagnant. As it was impossible that only the new portable cash register system with its advantages concerning faster customer service was solely responsible for the 12percent rate of increase, the management assumes that the incorrect settled selling in the last years amounted to much more than 8%. So the practised controlling was not only inefficient but calculated also wrong results.
The management was recommended to invest 5% of the additional income in discounts when offering arrangements for seminars, company- and familiy celebrations, what leads to a higher customer traffic of 25% and a higher per capita consumption of 3%.

Savings of labour cost:
Due to the installation of Bonator autoControl system it was possible to restructure the staff as follows:

In the office the staff was reduced by one person and a further employee replaced by a qualified accountant. Financial-, and payroll accounting are now carried out in the own office by use of EGH accounting software, so it is for the management possible to save at the one hand expenses and to have on the other hand always up-to-date statistics at the disposal.

Up-to-date statistics and reports:
For example it is now possible to clarify still on the same day the question, why a waiter achieved essentially less sale with a specific menuitem than its colleagues, or why the consumption of coffee beans does not correspond with the rated value. So all together the system improves not only the quality of waiter service, but also the profitability of the company in general.

Efficient stockkeeping and purchasing:
Moreover, the office is now relieved of tasks like ordering items and ingredients, as it is now for the chef respectively for the cashier in the filling station himself possible to make decisions by help of recipe based inventory software. Purchasing is now settled fully-automatic by means of defined minimum quantities in stock inclusive the creation of correct order forms. Of course it is also for the chef possible to influence the computer generated purchase suggestions towards seasonal point of views, respectively towards actual offers of the suppliers.

More favorable offers:
The perfectly coordinated material purchase enables the suppliers now to reduce their time involved in the transaction, what get some of them to grant a discount of 3%.

Quality Improvement:
Moreover, since the introduction of the recipe dependant inventory software it has been possible to achieve additionally to an improved food quality also a higher gain of ingredients by 5%. Not at least it is also important to mention the constant quality now produced by the kitchen, which can also be explained by the application of the EGH recipe module. For the cooks it is no possible to repeat tested quality in every other preparation unit.

Accurate records for the fiscal authority:
The same software works also for the accurate forecast of returns, respectively to determine the supply of ingredients on the occasion of future happenings, or to compare the accumulated turnover with the ingredients used.

Since the introduction of the BONATOR controlling tool, any tax audits that might arise keep the management cool!

Cashless Payments:
A further reduction of personnel costs was possible by the re-organisation of the cash desks in the division of filling station and shopping market. Now all the sales including the proceeds of the underground car park are settled on a central cash desk. Moreover the cashless payment by means of BonusChip coins meets unanimous approval by the guests of the hotel as well among the regular customers, what leads to an positive influence on the total turnover.

Better utilization of employees:
Because of the introduction of the Bonator-system as well the employment of part-time workers it was in the restaurant possible to save the salary of two employees, although service is now much faster and higher returns are gained.

The fact that waiters don’t have to run so much any more, and have now more time to look after the guests has undoubtedly also an considerable influence on the mentioned sales increase.



Labour costs of one office employee:


14 monthly net salaries for one employee:


Non-wage labour costs:


Wage reserve:


6 weeks holiday substitution:


2 weeks sick leave substituion:


Food & Beverage feeding:


Total costs of one employee per year:



CashFlow change per year:


Saving of one office employee:


Extra cost for accountant qualification:

   - 19.985.-

Saving of 2 waiter employees:


Saving of one fill-station employee:




Theft elimination leads to +8% proceeds:


5% higher sales has effect on cash flow:


Tax savings (no extra payment)


Material purchase savings:


Higher material exploitation:


TOTAL SAVINGS per year::


SAVINGS projected for 5 years:




For cooling systems, beverage technology, coffee machine, as well the complete autoControl system for the filling station, shopping market, garage, hotel and restaurant inclusive installation, tranining and service:




Additional PROFIT: after 5 years

EURO ............................................


minus costs for the consultant



extra PROFIT after 10 years
EURO 2.292.230,-


The advantages of early tax writing-off, as well any government capital investment bonuses are not taken into consideration of the profitability calculation above, particularly since such furtherances are not offered in every country respectively are offered in different scales.







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