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In electronic engineering the term firmware is interpreted as a program which is burned on a non volatile memory, and which is used for the organisation of an exactly defined field of application. A machine-near program code ensures shortest execution times and highest operation- and data security. Compared with traditional PC-systems the hardware of firmware controlled machines is usually specially-made, what enables to take also ergonomic requirements into consideration.

The production of firmware based equipment requires high research- and development capitals. During the development phase and also for the production there are competent technicians in the field of electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering necessary as well specialists in plastics technology and experienced toolmakers. Therefore, the development of such products can be classified into the category of valuable and practical assets and the firmware technology itself as high-cost technology.

Specification of the Firmware
EGHplus 4.0

Below described firmware EGHplus 4.0 works in connection with the portable hospitality computer BONATOR. In compliance with multiple inquiries of customers we converted the firmware into a PC-software. So you can use the virtual version of the portable hospitality computer on a PC-desktop as POS software, and operation is done either by touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse. Of course ‘virtual Bonator’ is fully compatible to the Bonator firmware, as well to other Windows programs.

Following standardised features are offered:

1.) Memory capacity:

  • 999 Items
  • 100 FlowControl products
  • 100 Recipes
  • 200 Item modifiers
  • 100 Keyboard submenus
  •   99 Tables
  •   15 Major groups
  •   50 Item groups
  •   10 Users
  • (Extension of the memory capacity possible!)

2.) User authorization:

 Definable as:

  • Chief
  • Manager
  • Waiter
  • House consumption

3.) User ID:

Numeric PIN code, 4 digits, free defineable and hand-over lock feature. Users with chief authorization can clear every PIN code and then waiter number is the guilty PIN code.

4.) Functions for the waiter:

  • Lock Bonator
  • Waiter turnover
  • Change password
  • Update stocklist

5.) Functions for the manager:

  • Complete day
  • Change password

6.) Funktionen für Chef:

  • Complete day
  • Change password
    • Daily proceeds
    • Monthly proceeds
    • Employee turnover
    • Menu item turnover
    • Item group proceeds
    • Ingredients in/out

    • Menu items
    • Employees
    • Item groups
    • Major groups
    • Item modifiers
    • Exchange rates
    • Table graphics
    • Keyboard sub menus
    • Ingredients administration
    • Time/date
    • Happy-Hour
    • Tax rates
    • System configuration

    • Cancellation
    • Training
    • Price level
    • Print journal
    • Lock menu items
    • Clear passwords
    • Complete period
    • Reset voucher number
    • Reset receipt number
    • Annual completion

7.) Programing:

Letter case system with 60 characters which are selectable by 4 keys.

8.) Major group definition:

Major group number, description, service charge, various tax rates.

9.) Item definition:

Item number, Description, 3 prices, item group, direct selection key, submenu.

10.) Employee definition:

Employee number, name, authorization.

11.) Ingredients definition:

Ingredient number, description, sales unit, 3 prices.

12.) Recipe definition:

Recipe number, description, menu item, 5 ingredients max.

13.) Reports:

  • Major group proceeds of the
    • last 60 days, as well
    • monthly and for the
    • complete year accumulated.
  • Waiter turnover info consists of
    • Debit- and payroll period,l
    • Item taking accumulated
    • Taking per price level for the actual period
    • Quantity in stock

  • Item group proceeds for 2 periods

  • Ingredients in/out for 2 periods consisting of:

    • Carry over
    • Purchased
    • Registerd sales
    • unregisterd out
    • Dwindled
    • In stock.

14.) Order input:

  • With table- and seat number,
  • optional with table graphic,
  • item selection by PLU number or by
  • directselection keys and
  • submenus on the display.
  • order input with repetition key or
  • or input of number of pieces
  • price and majorgroup assignment possible.

Moreover it is possible to assign various modifiers to the enterd orders, so the kitchen can be informed about individual preparation wishes of the guest (e.g. raw, medium, well done, etc). The reversal of wrong inputs can be done with the backspace key, or with the cancellation function.

The mask in which the orders are entered indicates the particular state of the program and shows also:

  • Table No,
  • Seat No,
  • Item No,
  • as well the total amount of the accumulated orders for every table or seat.

15.) Billing:

All tables processed in a Bonator are displayed with the total amount open. Moreover it’s also possible to take a look at the detailed consummations of every guest, and particular orders can also be transferred to an other guest of the same table.

16.) Printing:

All reports can also be printed out, and in combination with the printed vouchers, receipts and journals you can check the inputs of the employess. The setup of the firmware has also the feature to print out automatically a journal after every 120 journal entries.

17.) Sending:

The inputs are sent by lighting radio to the nearest relaystation. The quality of the wireless data transmission depends on the spatial circumstances and can be disturbed by solar radiation or other kinds infrared radiation. Under good conditions transmission is possible by visual contact over a distance of 5-15 metres rectangular to the nearest IR relaystation, and it’s advisable to install several relaystations to achieve an exhaustive transmission area.

The Bonator can also be equipped with optional HF radio transceiver modules, which enhance considerably the reception area. However to install and use HF radio equipment in some countries an official approval is necessary, and also an official monthly radio licence fee could arise.

Warranty claims because of bad or not exhaustive transmitting-/receiving qualities, respectively concerning the signal strength are impossible. However if such a situation really occurs it is also possible to transmit the data by inserting the Bonator terminal into the charging console.

18.) Canceling:

The reversal of entered orders can be done by the waiter himself, if the inputs are still in his terminal. As soon he transmits the inputs cancellation is only possible for users with manager or chief authorization.

19.) Accumulator capacity:

Fully charged accumulators provide power to work approx. 3-4 hours uninterruptedly with the Bonator. During this time it is possible to enter and transmit orders with a value of more than 10.000,- Euro. Because of the quality and charging condition of the accumulator the real capacity varies, so it’s recommendable to have a second set of charged accus (standard AAA size NiMh) ready for a flying replacement.

Subject to change firm-/software without notice!

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