Controlled spirit dispensers




Zapf-Kontroll Kit







Volume dosing
for measure between 2 and 6 cl. As a default equipped with bottle top, electromagnetic pouring lock, light-emitting diode as enable signal, as well as various accessories for identification and accounting.

The bottle fastener is screwed onto the bottle and attached by means of a bayonet joint on the bottle bracket. The dispenser is now put on the mounting bar (below figure), which is wired with the Bonator cash-register respectively fuzzyLogic dispensing head. So it’s possible to arrange any number of bottles as well to monitor every waiter's pour outs.


Taping process:
As soon as a spirit order comes in via the Bonator order system, a red lighting signal of the appropriate spirit dispenser is turned on, an the electromagnetic lock is disabled. The pouring process itself is actuated by the glas, and stops automatically as soon the defined portion matches.
The Bonator controlling system assigns every taking to a waiter- and/or guest account, and registers the sale regarding all conceivable forms of reports and statistics.

If a cocktail order comes in, the appropriate spirit dispensers are enabled one by one, in the same order as defined in the cocktail’s recipe, and every dispenser pours out the correct portion.

Concerning regular maintenance of the spirit dispensers a special cleaning set is offered, and it is recommendable to clean in regular period of times especially the dispensing mechanism as well the outlets of those dispensers, which are used for syrupy liqueurs, or spirits with a high contain of sugar.


Bottle dispensing system
with donut-scanner


The all bottle system
is appropriate for spirits, wines, juices, and similar bottled beverages. The pouring system consists of a magnetic donut scanner (left figure), bottle pourer with control seal (middle figure), as well a counter console with integrated cleaner (right figure), as well various electronic componets for identification and registration.

The electromagnetic donut is practically mounted near the bottle rack and wired with the serial interface of the Bonator system. Every bottle to be controlled gets a pourer which is sealed with a control label. To avoid that the pourer gets sticky, it is recommended to store the bottle headfirst in the above shown cleaning console, or to soak it there from time to time.

Taping process:
As soon as an order entered by a Bonator arrives, the lighting signal of the donut indicates the pending beverage, and a receipt printer as well the LCD display of the fuzzyLogic dispensing head informs about the kind of the spirit. The appropriate bottle is now shifted in the donut scanner, which releases the pourer of the bottle, so the beverage pours out for a defined period of time. The Bonator control system assigns every poured out quantity to a guest and/or waiter regarding settlement and sales report.

Orders of predefined cocktail recipes cause the system to propose the appropriate ingredients (bottles) on the Display in the same order as defined in the cocktail’s recipe. So it is ensured that all ingredients are poured out in the right order, as well in the right quantity.



Which dispensing system is right for you?

Clear schnapps with a turnover of more than 0,5 litres per day should be taped directly with the fuzzyLogic dispensing head, especially those spirits which are frequently mixed with soft drinks or beer.

Schnapps, liquor, wine and juices with a lower turnover of 0,5 litres per day and flavour, should be taped with a controlled spirit dispenser, provided that and in prospect of the investment costs, the to total number of bottles to be controlled is not higher than 15.

Concerning higher demand it is recommended to apply the bottle donut system. Moreover this system also provides the advantage, that the controlled bottle can be refrigerated in a customary cold counter or fridge.






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