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produces - pours out - registers - calculates - informs - organises


Excellent Features:

  • unlimited number of portions, prices and preparation modifiers per beverage line,
  • individual control for mix- and followup drinks,
  • beverage pouring assistance by LCD-Display and lighting singals concerning tap position and recipe,
  • postmix and/or premix system with multiple solenoid faucets,
  • pouring sequence selectable by priority or chronology,
  • integrated beer froth control,
  • integrated temperature control,
  • beverage container supervision system,
  • optional cleaning system,
  • additional mechanic keyboard for every beverage line to clean and service the system,
  • lockable operation mode selector ( dispensing, training, servicing, calibrating ),
  • wear-resistant sensor keys for beverage selection,
  • sales and inventory information via display or external printer,
  • 3 price levels and happy-hour automatic,
  • taping in self service mode,
  • taping in credit mode,
  • compatible with Bonator cash register system,
  • standardised interface for the connection of external dispensing systems, PC, printers, etc.,
  • robust stainless steel cabinet,
  • optional remote control available,
  • intelligent user identification by Bonus chip coin,
  • and much more...



Waiter remote-control mode:

Wherever in a spacious restaurant orders of guests are entered into a portable BONATOR terminal, the fuzzy-logic beverage dispenser receives immediately the information by radio or wired network concerning when which guest / table / waiter ordered which beverage in which quantity. Red lighting signals before the dispenser’s panel inscriptions call attention of the barkeeper, and inform him which beverages he has to pour out from which tap.

Moreover the incoming orders are displayed chronologically on the LCD-Display, and it is possible to influence the order of preparation in which the beverages are taped (e.g. to bring forward any priority order).

Waiter self-service mode:

As every poured out beverage charges automatically the waiter’s account, the „FUZZY-LOGIC DISPENSING HEAD" can also be operated in the so-called self-service mode, what means taking of beverages is possible without previous registration in an external cash register terminal. However, in order to release the dispenser, the waiter has to identify himself by means of a Bonus ChipCoin or by his personal Bonator handheld terminal. If he uses the Bonator as means of ID, he has to put the device into a special takeoff rack, which can be integrated in the dispenser head, but also installed externally. From now on the dispenser is ready to pour out beverages, and every taking is registered in the docked Bonator terminal. It is also possible to assign the poured out beverages afterwards to a certain guest, table or room number, so the sold items will be listed on the customer’s bill.

Thus a portable Bonator is also able to replace a conventional water key.

Concerning identification by Bonus ChipCoin, the waiter has to touch a magnetic adapter with his coin, what releases likewise the dispensing head. The dispenser’s electronic reads in an unique code burned onto the ChipCoin, and knows whose account has to be charged if somebody pours out a beverage.

The Bonus ChipCoin is also practically in connection with our beverage self-service fountain (beer fountain) where visitors of an hospitality are able to tap their drinks themselves.


Simultaneous remote-/selfservice mode:

As an hospitality company usually is not always running to capacity, highest flexibility in the question of human resources is inevitable. The application of the fuzzyLogic dispensing system as well of the Bonator ordering system assist to cope with the difficult situation.

If every seat of the restaurant is occupied and the complete staff is busy, the remote controlled operation of the beverage dispenser is apparently the right working method. As soon as business decreases in volume, the partial waiter self-service working method is probably better, as the manpower of a barkeeper behind the counter can be saved, respectively assigned to other purposes.

During the waiter self-service mode, the waiter enters the orders in front of the guests into his Bonator handheld terminal and goes afterward to the beverage dispensing column, where he inserts the BONATOR computer into the takeoff rack. The entered food orders are transmitted immediately into the kitchen, and the beverage orders are displayed by red lighting signals directly at the dispenser’s panel, and are ready for pouring out. Of course it is also possible to pour out beverages without prior registration in a cash register terminal. However the account of the waiter is charged in anyway, as dispensing is only possible if a valid waiter ID is docked on the dispenser’s waiter lock.

The remote-control mode and the self-service mode can be applied simultaneously, and there is no need to switch the dispenser explicitly between the two modes.



The electronic of the fuzzy-logic dispensing head was developed to fulfil modular aspects. So it is possible to adapt it to the different capacities of restaurants and hotels, and it doesn't matter whether only a single faucet has to be controlled or a controlling system for hundreds of different beverages, portions, or mixtures of drinks has to be realised.

With the BONATOR beverage dispensing system it succeeded the first time to select huge number of beverage products and mixed drinks from a dispenser’s panel by LCD-Display without the necessity to memorise item numbers of berages, or to reserve for every beverage a single push-button on the panel.

The active beverage faucets becomes visible by practical lighting signals. In any case the staff is urged to pour out always the correct quantity and mixture of drinks, so a consistent product quality is achieved.

The operation of the dispenser can’t be easier, as lighting signals indicate the active tap, and in case of a mixed drink the user is guided to the next proper tap, what can be defined in the dispenser's set-up by recipes.

Our system has also the capability to integrate external beverage dispensing equipment like e.g. coffeemachines, respectively to extend their functionality, as some of them provide e.g. too less push-buttons to dispense all the offered types and portions of coffee.


Portions and flavours:

Also the technical beverage equipment in the field of storing, piping, and taping has to be adapted to the restaurant’s or hotel’s requirements. There are various faucets available and some of them are even able to pour out 6 different flavours and for every flavour any number of portions as well mixtures with other flavours can be defined. Dependent on the kind of beverage, dosing is either monitored by time or by flowmeters installed inline of the hose pipe.

Basically our beverage equipment is suitable to realise dispensing systems on the smallest space from which a comprehensive range of draft beverages can be poured out, and it is also possible to compound several dispensing heads, installed on different locations, into a consitent controlling system.


Sensor keys:

Compared with other controlled beverage dispensers our system is operated by wear-resistant sensor keys instead of mechanical push-buttons or membrane key switches. That’s very important, because reliable control buttons are the basis of a trouble-free working electronic.


Price levels:

For some companies it is usefully to sell one and the same beverage at various prices, as they use e.g. different calculations within the restaurant than in the bar, hotelroom, or on the terrace. The fuzzy-logic beverage dispenser manages various price levels and recognises itself the appropriate price at which the waiter or the customers has to be charged. Accordingly, all sales are recorded per price level, so the F&B manager has later the possibility to obtain reports of e.g. the individual product sales of every single waiter or the actual stock on hand.

The evaluation of the sales reports helps to improve the performance chart of every hospitality company, and apart from the general advantage of using draft beverages instead of bottled ones, the post-mix based dispensing system lowers considerably the cost price of your offered soft-drinks.


Concerning design and installation of all our products we always aim to reduce the industrial appearance of hospitality to an absolute minimum, which could be caused by technical equipment like coffee machines, PCs, cash registers, refrigerators and so on.

"The most valuable area of a restaurant should be reserved for the guests, which are rather interested in an agreeable stay combined with perfect food and beverage offer, than in industrial appliances."

The Bonator system communicates with external appliances over long distances, so the dispensing equipment can also be installed in outlying rooms, which are supplied centraly with beverages via refrigerated python hoses. Serving beverages from kegs minimises the space required for empties to a minimum.

Electronic beverage supervision combined with an automatic cleaning system grants highest beverage quality at a minimum of personal efforts.


The dispensing head is shipped with a stainless-steel column, which serves also as mounting shaft for the supply hoses. There are also other shapes of columns available, like round columns in stainless, brass or ceramic.

For more info click ‘Traditional taping / Mounting columns’.

The space directly below the mounting position of a dispensing column should be reserved for beverage refrigeration equipment, and it is advisable to use that space as cold-storage counter. For this purpose EGH-Industries offers special push-in cold counters, which are perfectly adapted to that requirements. If there is not enough space available to install a full-size cold counter, beverage chilling is also possible by instant flow coolers.


Self-service beverage fountain

(Beer fountain)

The construction of a self-service beer fountain has essentially the same features as a FUZZY-LOGIC dispensing head, but the design of the dispenser is adapted to the architectural circumstances of the location, so the fountain’s cabinet is mostly custom-built in materials like marble, rocky mass, cooper, brass, stainless steel, or enamel work.

The concept of a self-service beverage fountain meets perfectly the guest’s need for freedom and conveniences during his stay in an hospitality company. The unlimited access to the beverages, and the possibility to pour them out excessively without immediate payment promotes the restaurant and increases sales.

"An ideal application for the self-service fountain concept can be found in adventure hospitalities, bavarian beer gardens, vacation clubs, passenger cruising ships, fast food restaurant chains, as well in motor-way restaurants!"

The guest operates the fountain by docking his personal BonusChip coin at the dispenser's coin reader, whereby the taps are switched free. The taps itself can be electrical one's or semiautomatic with an cup-actuated lever. A flow meter is mounted inline of the beverage hose and the electronic monitors the amount of poured out beverages, which is stored on the guest's BonusChip.

By distributing the BonusChip coins to the guests at the beginning of their stay, the coins act as a cashless means of payment within a credit system. As soon as they want to leave the restaurant, payment is processed by docking the coin on portable or stationary Bonator terminal, which shows the open amount. It is wise to install the stationary cash-register terminal near the exit, to have control over the leaving guest and their open consummation bill.

Now hand-written receipts become needless, particularly since some guests regularly forget to present their bills to the cashier when leaving the location.


The Bonator autoControl system has been honoured by an
international jury within the "Mercur 99" award as an innovative technology.






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