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  • Install the kit into your existing manual taping system, and you can register every pouring, settle up with staff, as well control your stock. There are various options up to a remote controlled fuzzy-logic beverage dispenser available.

  • By help of the kit traditional dispensing systems can be integrated into a comprehensive autoControl system.


"Every cash-register system informs about what has been registered -
Tap Control Kit informs also about what has not been registered!"

With the Bonator dispensing system EGH industries takes over a global leading role in the field of controlled beverage dispenser.

When the system was introduced firstly into the market, many experts of the hospitality industry got very enthusiastic, particularly since the controlling effect of this technology eliminates the usual pouring losses of draft beverages, and moreover the system saves also a lot of time concerning waiter service and administrative tasks.

Subsequently it was necessary to integrate also existing dispensing systems, as well coffee machines into the innovative controlling system, from where the practical „do-it-your-self kit" as shown in the picture above has been developed.

By help of this kit it is possible to upgrade your existing manual dispensing system to the latest state of the art concerning controlling. Hence the kit represents a cheap alternative to our comprehensive fuzzyLogic dispenser, which has additionaly also incorporated electric faucets, lighting signals and various portion selection keys.


The standard-kit consists of:

  • Flow-Control Unit BCU-1 (stainless-steel cabinet 220 x 128 x 180 mm high) with:

    • 6 serial interfaces to communicate with e.g. slip printer, coffee-machine, waiter-lock, Bonator cash-register terminals etc.,
    • 12 in-ports (5V DC) for the connection of e.g. flowmeters, spirit dispensers,etc.,
    • 6 out-ports (24V AC) to drive electric solenoid valves and other kinds of releases of coffeemachines, spirit dispensers, etc.,
    • 1 magnetic chipcoin reader (waiter lock) for Bonus chipcoin IDs,
    • 1 graphic LCD-Display,
    • 4 sensor keys,
    • 5 status lights.
  •  Firmware Vers. 3.3 with below listed features:

    • 3 price-levels and happy-hour automatic,
    • definition of the in-ports by item name, tap line, unit of measurement, as well sales prices per measure,
    • various sales reports for all connected dispensers by poured volume and proceeds for two independent periods as well per waiter and price-level,
    • sales report output either by LCD-Display or by optional slip-printer,
    • data maintenance at power failures,
    • realtime-clock,
    • automatic data-communication with optional Bonator-terminal for the purpose of additional performances.
  • Flowmeter installed in every beverage hose and electrically connected with the Control Unit - the flowmeter monitors the volume of poured out beverages.
  • Power Supply (12V)
  •  Options:

  • Bonus chipcoins as waiter ID or as a means of cashless payment,
  • external waiterlock to release independently a coffemachine or a second dispensing colu
  • various release valves for beer, wine, or soft drinks
  • Diverse Freigabe-Ventile für Bier, Wein, Limonaden, etc.,
  • electric spirit dispensers,
  • Bonator terminal applied either stationary or mobile as a cash-register or as a remote control with additional software performance,
  • I/O card for further 12 in-ports and 6 out-ports,
  • report slip printer,
  • PC-communication software.

Figure shows:

FlowControl Unit BCU-1
with optional Bonator terminal, as well integrated docking station


FlowControl Unit 195x125x180 mm
integrated docking station 105x120x180 mm


Following 4 operation modes are possible:

Mode 1:

(free-flow monitoring - controls poured out beverages by volume and by waiter)

Necessary equipment and accompanying measures:

  • FlowControl Unit BCU-1,
  • flowmeter,
  • manual taps,
  • consistent liter price for all poured portions of a beverage type.

How it works:
From every connected tap or dispensing head unrestricted pouring is possible. While pouring beverages, the Control-Unit recognizes the volume and charges the account of the waiter whose ID-coin is in contact with the magnetic coin reader.

If a pouring without waiter ID occurs, a red lighting signal will be turned on, which signals other waiters that an anonymous dispensing has been occurred. The LCD-Display informs also, when which volume of which product has been poured out without ID. As soon as any waiter identifies himself with his personal ID coid, his account will be charged with all the previous anonymous pourings.

The waiters control each other the application of their ID coins. Daily settlement with staff is possible via LCD-Display or slip-printer, and the report matches with the real taking from the taps or dispensers.

Mode 2:
(free-flow monitoring - controls poured out beverages by item number, volume and by waiter)

Necessary equipment and accompanying measures:

  • FlowControl Unit BCU-1,
  • flowmeter
  • manual taps,
  • Bonator cash register teminal with firmware.

How it works:
Sales of beverages as well of all other products can be registered manually with the Bonator terminal, what leads into a comprehensive sales statistic. Waiter identification happens alternatively by Bonus chipcoins or by a 4-digit password. A pouring from the taps without ID will be treated as described at Mode 1 (red lighting signal).

As soon as the command for a sales report is initiated, the Bonator-terminal summarizes the registered sales of all beverage portions entered manually by the waiters, and calculates the theoretical total consumption of all beverages in liters per waiter. After that, the Bonator terminal reads in the real poured out litres of every beverage from the BCU-1, and compares the two values to expose the differences in a report what leads subsequently into an automatic correction of the waiter's account.

A comprehensive settlement with staff, guests inclusive stock control is possible either via LCD-Display or by slip-printer. Settlement matches exactly with the real taking from the taps or dispensers. As the Bonator-terminal can also be installed remotely form the control-unit BCU1, it is for waiters possible to assign bartenders automatically to pour out the orders of the guests what leads into an efficient division of the work.

Mode 3:
(credit mode - preceding registering is absolutely necessary before anything can be dispensed)

Necessary equipment and accompanying measures:

  • Flow-Control Unit BCU-1
  • flowmeter
  • manual tap with an additional release valve or an electric tap,
  • Bonator cash register teminal with firmware.

How it works:
Dispensing is only possible if a waiter identifies himself with his Bonus chipcoin, what activates the installed release valve. In combination with a Bonator-terminal the electric release valve is only activated, if the waiter registers manually the item he intends to pour out, what leads also into exactly dispensed portions as the release valve interrupts the beverage line at the end of each portion.

The waiter is forced to pour out always the correct portion as well to use his ID. Due to the release valves, this mode is qualified to realize a self-service beverage fountain for guests.

Mode 4:
(fuzzyLogic mode - item selection is possible directly at the panel of the BCU-48 FlowControl Unit)

Necessary equipment and accompanying measures:

  • Control-unit BCU-48 (wall mounted version),
  • flowmeter
  • manual tap with an additional release valve or an electric faucet,
  • Bonator cash register teminal with firmware.
  • Bonator terminal stationary or portable.

How it works:
Basically exactly in the same way as our fuzzy-logic beverage dispenser. The difference is, that existing manual taps can be used, which are already mounted outside the BCU-48 cabinet. Dispensing is only possible if a waiter identifies himself with his Bonus-chipcoin what activates the release valves. Every label at the panel of the BCU-48 Control Unit represents a beverage portion or mixture, and selection happens by sensor-keys. After an item has been selected, the BCU-48 Control Unit monitors the poured out volume and takes care of accurate portions.

Due to the portion selection system, it isn't necessary to register the beverage taking in advance by a cash-register as described in Mode 3.

Figure shows:

FlowControl Unit BCU-48
with keys and labels for beverage selection.
Dimension: 725x125x180 mm h






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