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Registering, controlling and accounting always has been an annoying and time-consuming work for hospitality companies and even advanced cash registers with or without PC did not cause any real facilitation compared with the hand-written notepad, as the waiter has to circulate as ever between the guests, cash register, beverage dispenser and kitchen. The described working method is responsible for thousands of senseless unreeled miles, what leads also into a disturbance of the restaurants atmosphere.

With the BONATOR system all these problems can be avoided, and large-scale work routines can be reduced to only some key hits. An investment in this kind of high-tech will lead to an enormous rationalisation, what goes hand in hand with a fast return on investment.


The main components
of this innovative technology are:


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For a waiter it is now possible to transmit the orders of the customers wireless or by wire into the kitchen respectively to the points of dispensing. The corresponding tap of the fuzzy-logic beverage dispenser will be switched free automatically so that light signals call the attention of the barkeeper. Moreover the system will manage all the administrative work with the customers and employees, including inventory and fiscal book-keeping.

Every transaction of the customers can also be paid without cash by a BonusChip coin and a portable Bonator handheld terminal. The same BonusChip coin is also applicable as an electronic room key, respectively as means of access control to various equipment’s of an hotel like sauna, exercise room, etc which are offered with cost.

A special publicity campaign can be achieved with the patented BonusChip, if it’s surfaces are used for advertising purposes. Especially in connection with our self-service beverage fountain the coin is a potential attraction, as it is possible to favour on the one hand regular customers of a restaurant, and on the other hand also those customers who make full use of the self-service offer.

Moreover it is also possible to connect coffee machines, spirit dispensers, cigarette dispensers, and other kinds of machines including a PC with the Bonator system, whereby also a network with other branches over telephone or internet can be realised.

Functional software modules helps to manage a restaurant by dissolving the food and beverage sales into the consumption of ingredients, or helps to calculate the sales prices of the offered products, as well to check inventories or to create ingredients purchase suggestions.

It is possible to use the ‘Bonator Hospitality Computer’ not only mobile, stationary, or with radio, but also virtually on a PC screen with keyboard, mouse or touchscreen as Windows program. It does not matter in which type of Bonator the orders are entered, the ‘fuzzyLogic beverage dispenser’ receives always the correct data-flow and processes the orders along logical lines.



The advantages of
Bonator autoControl


Improvement in performance:

By the application of the Bonator technology the user achieves a reduction of physical and mental strain which usually comes up in the hospitality industry.

The gained capacities can be used either to cut down the working time and labour costs, or to increase the attention towards the customers. In both cases the success of a company will improve considerably.


Better working conditions:

The Bonator technology also favours a harmonious working climate because co-ordinated information is available any time to the employees, what enables a personnel castling on the fly to achieve a regular work rhythm.

In this way hectic work flows in the kitchen and unproductive waiter jams at the counters are largely avoidable.


Easier integration of temporary workers:

Who? - how? - what? - when? - where? - how much?
Even for experienced employees it is not always possible to answer this questions without mistake, what leads frequently to customer complaints. By help of the Bonator the waiter has all the answers to these questions at his fingertips.

So it is also for inexperienced employees possible to fulfil perfectly all the tasks that crop up. Labour-market studies declare a considerable potential on the part-time employment market, provided other jobs than washing dishes are offered.

Collecting-, pouring out-, and storekeeping-looses are avoidable:

Up to now it was difficult to realise efficient controlling in the hospitality industry, respectively it is easy to miss the sense of controlling if a company hires a special controller who causes additional labour costs.

The application of the Bonator fuzzy-logic beverage dispenser, as well its integration into the Bonator cash-register system, guarantees that all the revenues of the made sales also flow directly into the cash box of the company. Moreover it is guaranteed that the customers of a restaurant get correct servings and bills.

Quality assurance:

To build up and retain regular customers it is very important to offer constant quality and quantity. For this purpose the recipe-dissolution module of the EGH-software provides excellent support. It dissolves the accumulated sales into the consumption of ingredients and assigns the results to the stockkeeping accounts. It is also possible to forecast the supply of ingredients for future happenings.
The same calculations are also useful for the regular kitchen work what depends quantity determination of ingredients based on a tested and stored recipe.

So every item of the menu which is stored as a recipe in the system can be produced from every employee at any time in the same quality. It doesn’t matter whether it concerns the mixing ration of a mixed drink or a complex meal.


Operation-, and data-security:

An important advantage of the Bonator technology against comparable systems is it’s easy handling as well it’s exceptional functional and data security. Most of the operations are executed directly in every Bonator with data stored in it, so the Bonator system needs no permanent radio based link to external office computers or databases. As every Bonator has the same security features of a modern PC it is easy to understand, that with every installed Bonator the program- and data-security duplicates itself.

As effective controlling requires the electronic integration of all beverage taps, EGH-Industries developed also a special beverage dispensing system, which has the same security features as the Bonator cash-register system and is also firmware controlled.

That means all operations are carried out on the shortest way by micro-controller without the need of third party operating systems.

Not before all tricky operations were finished and the results are stored in the corresponding databases, it is possible to have access to the data by PC over traditional transfer protocols.

In this way it is ensured that the known system crashes of office computers, as well poor radio connections caused by interference have no influence on the proper function of the Bonator system.

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