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The competitors:

The comprehensive Bonator autoControl system can be considered world-wide as unique, as up to know there is no second manufacturer known, who can prove a comparable system within his range of products.

There were many attempts of various companies to copy some system components of the autoControl system, like e.g. the portable Bonator terminal , and for this purpose they even tried to convert conventional portable cellular phones, various walkie-talkies as well standard electronic cabinets into a portable cash register, respectively they put these objects as dummies into their salesrooms. Such unusable products damage of course the idea of portable order processing, and are only used to be regarded as innovative, respectively to close easier a deal with traditional cash registers or PC based POS software.

Suspicious features for such offers are:

  • No uniform operating system.
  • Various manufacuter of hard- and software.
  • No spare parts or replacement units are available, and the seller has also no detailed knowledge of the offered hardware.
  • Input of orders into the terminal only possible by 10 number keys, respectively without any direct selection keys.
  • Practical application of the terminal only possible by a permanent radio online link to an external office computer what is very sensitive.
  • The possibility to integrate external beverage dispensers or to control them in accordance with the Bonator fuzzyLogic technology is only promised, but can not be demonstrated in reality.

EGH-Industries wants to dissociate its technology from such offers, and reminds once again that the original Bonator is purpose-built towards the requirements of the hospitality industry and is implemented only in equipment’s which carry as external sign the trademark BONATOR.

The copyrighted brand BONATOR guarantees,

  • that every offered device is really equipped with an independent working electronic system, which is specially designed to handle reliably all the administrative tasks of the hospitality industry,

  • that wireless data transmission is applied in an appropriate manner,

  • that every component works both independently and also as client within a comprehensive controlling system network.




BONATOR autoControl
comparsion chart

Subsequent features matrix enables you to assess the Bonator technology from your personal point of view, respectively to compare it with competition products.
You can assign points to the listed features between 1 and 10 depending on importance for your enterprise (0 for unimportant and 10 for especially important), and also minus points if any feature seems to be for you even disturbing or missing.
If you divide the purchasing costs of the individual quotations by the underlying total score you will get a significant comparison index which helps you to find the most appropriate controlling system for you, as well an indication of the expected amortization.

Please print out this page if you want to fill in the features matrix!



The Bonator cash register firmware was also converted into a PC based Windows program and is integrated in the Cyber-Inn DEMO which you can start from the main menu. As you can try out the firmware directly on your PC it is not necessary to state its features here again.


Definition of firmware and software:

Soft: weak, non-binding, unsave, flowing, llight.
Firm: steadfast, strong, bonding, secure, hard, permanent

In electronic engineering the term firmware is interpreted as a program which is burned on a non volatile memory, and which is used for the organisation of an exactly defined field of application. A machine-near program code ensures shortest execution times and highest operation- and data security. Compared with traditional PC-systems the hardware of firmware controlled machines is usually specially-made, what enables to take also ergonomic requirements into consideration.

The production of firmware based equipment requires high research- and development capitals. During the development phase and also for the production there are competent technicians in the field of electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering necessary as well specialists of the plastics technology and experienced toolmakers. Therefore, the development of such products can be classified into the category of valuable and practical assets and the firmware technology itself as high-cost technology.

Programs which are installed on personal computers are usually called software. They are mainly stored and/or transformed on mechanical disk drives and they can be disturbed in this hardware environment very easily. Usually the reason for this failures are incompatible software products and operating systems of various manufacturers which influence or even disturb the function of a software program.

In the office environment people have learnt to cope with these problems particularly since they have enough time detect the reasons for the troubles. However system crashes of PC based POS cash register systems installed in restaurants lead inevitably to considerable losses.






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